Today we tell you the story of Olga, a woman who fights every day against fibromyalgia . This disease is quite complex because nobody knows its causes with certainty. It could be said that it is an invisible disease, that you must believe the person who suffers it because it has no visible symptoms like a limp or a constipation.

Fibromyalgia is a disease that causes pain in the muscles and generates a lot of fatigue . People who suffer from it often have difficulty sleeping, stiff muscles, headaches, numbness of feet and hands … Anyone can have this disease, but it is very common in middle-aged women. For now, it is a disease without a cure, but medicines can help control your symptoms.


“I am Olga from Valencia, I am 67 years old and I am currently working as a housewife, I was diagnosed with the disease for exactly 12 years, but many years before I had many symptoms, although they still could not be cataloged. they wrote the diagnoses they always put ” Fibromyalgia? 

Little by little, over time the pain was accentuated and I had chronic fatigue, which is very associated with this disease. Every day I can do less things and get tired very often. The problem is that there is still no cure, but I have hope.

I say I have hope because in my life I have three main pillars: my doctor, family and friends.

Fortunately I have a doctor who is very understanding and dedicated. He always speaks to me with certainty, he advises me and he is a great professional.

The family and friends are also a vital support to cope with my illness . Everything becomes much more bearable if they are with me, by my side.

It is true that there are very hard moments that are called “crisis”, that’s where the worst happens and since hope is the last thing that is lost I cling to it and why not, sometimes with joy.

The truth is that I have a good professional and my husband, my children and my grandchildren support me and always understand me.

On the other hand, I try to lead a healthy life, eat well and do yoga that relaxes me and helps me strengthen my muscles. I try to keep my balance in spite of the disease. ”

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