If your loved one has fibromyalgia Here are 20 ways to support them.

it’s hard to understand exactly what they would do if you did not live alone. It is likely that you will need much more time to sleep or rest on what you can and can not feel often. Fibromyalgia can also include a person’s ability to work, cleanse or prevent daily activities such as swimming and eating.

If you have a spouse or other important support that makes the difference. Not that we are in pain and that we are exhausted. It changes your life. You are not the same physically or mentally (my fear), many things are gone. I know that everyone feels the same way.

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When one person is a chronic disease, but the other is healthy, you can easily put pressure on the strongest relationships. Although it can be harder to create or find a balance in which you want to feel like equal partners in the relationship, certainly not impossible – and for many couples who encounter barriers together as a chronic disease can really strengthen your relationship , Love for each other.

We asked our community “Living with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Diseases” and “Living with Fibromyalgia” to share ways for people to help their spouse or partners with fibromyalgia. If your loved one suffers from a chronic illness such as fibromyalgia, CF, perhaps the following resources can help you to better understand what they are and give you ideas of things that you could do and could mean world.

That’s what our community told us:

1.        If they have a merger, hold and cry, do not know, is there for them.

2.        Learn as much as possible about it. Be patient. You can not understand what it is, but empathize and listen to your partner or spouse is so important. Unconditional love.

3.        Let your partner hear you and read people who also have fibromyalgia.

4.        Avoid feeling guilty. Trust and love. Stay in bed and keep them, tell them you’re here for a long time. And seriously!

5.        Believe them first, the second way is very beautiful and the third is worth its weight in the relationship in a practical way. They do not expect more than you and they are together to make the most of the journey. The greater support you have will soon find your own fitness and health level, but it will take a while and you need to support them and reduce their physical and emotional burden as much as possible.

6.        Love the show and do not ask too many questions during an epidemic of time

7.        Put on a good hot shower, wash your hair, help, dry and brush your hair. So listen, everything would be fine.

8.        Be sympathetic, patient, share your chores, assist others while challenging the truth of the disease, remember that this disease is neither guilt nor pain to you. Above all, do not stop loving the person.

9.        Not exactly what your love should do for you when the roles are reversed.
Above all, be nice, loving, patient and funny

10.        No blame for sympathy and car maintenance. Sometimes I can not take care of myself … have a dinner once a week. Suck or clean the shower. Remember that you can not even do things or not ten pounds and I’m almost exhausted

11.        Do not just hear what they say, but really listen!

12.        Ask often in different aspects of pain, bring in small things that help ice packs, medicines, drinks, heating pads … .If they tell you how much you want to take. Understand their struggles, investigate

13.      fill in the blanks .. various forms of support where there are gaps. He has expressed the deep expectations that they can know and understand, so understand how impossible this is to achieve. Be creative. Help with pain or need to sleep on the weekend, but I want to clarify, comb the beach, looking for the sea of ​​glass, kayak, although limited, volleyball (I) I personally think that the movement is needed to keep the tingling in to restore the legs, to feel pain. If you feel like a cinnamon stick, I pressed it because I felt really good. I paint the panel and the windows that lead to the summer of a healthy person. I carry two. I am very good with her.

14.        Never say you are lazy

15.        Do not feel well or be able to do things that I could do before. Be supportive, even if you do not understand everything.

16.        Keep her out of stressful situations. So they can rest when they need it.
If you can live anywhere, the air pressure does not change much EWH pain!

17.        There is a wonderful book called Fibromyalgia for Dummies. My son does not read as often. I really wanted to understand and help. My husband, on the other hand, left in a month.

18.        If you tell me, I can feel the energy flow of me like a bloody needle, let me rest, because the sweat of pain flu and brain fog just around the corner street.

19.        Make sure that they understand that if you can not work as before, you will remain a valued member of the family and not a burden.

20.        Ask your        spouse  what you want and tell them you want to     help  to measure the extent of     your funds       . Every little favor or help to make a difference to me, but they are all different. Some prefer the greatest possible independence. Many prefer this before automatically accepting what is desired or necessary. Offer to help at home or do things without asking what is desirable and necessary. Some of us feel guilty about burdening others.

To reassure your spouse that you are there for them and are not caring for help and that we want to support and understand the best possible way can be a great relief for your spouse. Personally, I do not like to massage my feet with a lotion. Other areas are very sensitive to massage. I need help in the house, shopping, etc. I have to rest the quiet environment.

What would help your spouse? What would make your spouse feel a little better, one or more comfortable? I know that you can not correct or change the disease, but that you can offer help and comfort. People often offer unsolicited advice and can make things worse, set unrealistic expectations, and put pressure on me. So I can be more depressed or feel unnecessarily guilty.
I hope it helps..


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