Five common “No No” for people with Fibromyalgia,

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Here are five common “no no” people wrongly do when it comes to controlling fibromyalgia. Do you have any sound like you?

1. Exercising too much or too little

Fibromyalgia reflects an energy crisis in your body, so you can only exercise to a certain extent. Beyond that, you get what is called “postexercional fatigue”, where you feel completely eliminated the next day. Be careful to avoid this, as it may discourage moderate exercise that is vital to curing fibromyalgia.

On the other hand, insufficient exercise results in conditioning and can clearly worsen your ability to function.

So, what level of exercise is correct? If you feel tired but good after, and even better the next day, then you exercised the correct amount. But if you feel that you were “hit by a truck,” then you did too much. Start with a light walking program. Use a pedometer to see your progress and try to accumulate over time
. 10,000 steps a day adding one minute each day.

2. Not knowing when to say “No”

Being too nice to things that you really do not want to do is a major stress that aggravates people with fibromyalgia. Try more often to let yourself say “no” when what you are asked does not suit you.

3. Does not listen when your body tells you that it is in pain

Extended muscle pain is one of the most dominant symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. When you feel pain, remember that this is the protective system of the body that signals that something needs attention. Do not rule out pain or try to “play through it.” Instead learn to manage pain related to fibromyalgia using a holistic approach. The bright. The protocol is my recommended approach to this, as it can systematically guide you through the five key areas you need to address.

4. Eat Excessive Sugar

Excessive eating of sugar (especially in soft drinks or fruit juices) can severely flare fibromyalgia by worsening adrenal exhaustion and Candida / yeast growth. Eat a high protein diet and substitute sugar for Stevia or Saccharin. The sugar-free ice cream with Splenda and the sugar-free chocolates with maltitol are also good (in small quantities). Black chocolate can improve fibromyalgia and the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome!

5. Not getting enough sleep

It may seem counter-intuitive, but people with diseases related to fatigue, such as fibromyalgia, often have very little sleep. Obtaining eight to nine hours of good quality deep sleep every night is essential to eliminate fatigue and pain. If you do not get enough sleep, see Sleep and insomnia to learn about nutritional support, changes in sleeping habits, and medications that can help.

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