When you tell someone that you have fibromyalgia, you may find yourself with a confused look. “How is that?” Actually, it is a difficult question to answer: it is not easy to describe how   fibromyalgia feels to someone who has never experienced that level of pain or the challenges that may arise.

To help people get an idea of ​​what fibromyalgia is like, we asked our Mighty community to share how they would describe it to someone who has not felt it. Their answers put the reality of fibromyalgia into words that healthy people can understand and empathize with.

This is what our community told us:

1.  “Imagine the worst illness, fatigue and pain and your head is in a deep fog where it made you think about going to the hospital. Now imagine that you feel this way every day and, knowing that if you go to the hospital, you will probably not find anything bad and they will send you home and tell you to see your GP. That’s fibromyalgia. ”

2.  “Imagine that you wake up in the morning feeling exhausted, as if you had not slept in days. While you lie in bed, trying to gather the energy to get up and go to the bathroom, you face the thought: ‘Can I spend another day?’ Then imagine that everything you do, even the smallest tasks, feels like you’re walking through wet concrete up to your waist. ”

3.  “Image of a phone. There is something wrong with the charger. No matter how hard you try to charge it, you never charge more than 50 percent, if you’re lucky. Close all applications to try to conserve the battery, but it does not help. It quickly reduces to zero percent in a short time. Now imagine that you have been hit by a bus, and you are the phone. ”

4.  “I tell people, ‘Do you know how you feel when you have the flu? Pains in the body, everything hurts even your hair and nails? Yes, those are my good morning. ‘”

5.  “Think of the worst flu you have experienced, and join it with the fall of three flights of stairs, directly into a hive. That’s fibromyalgia. ”

6.  “For me, fibromyalgia is a confusing and nebulous thought, and on a bad day of moving, I feel like I’m trying to walk through the thick jelly. Doing normal things causes pain. Total exhaustion without the benefit of a restful sleep “.

7.  ”  It’s as if your body had a car accident while you had the flu and you never finished overcoming any of them.”

8.  “The worst thing about this disease is that you can not [imagine it]. There are too many symptoms that I think people get lost after listing the first 10. Often, that’s why people with fibro feel so isolated and turn to the online community to find people who understand it. ”

9.  “Sometimes, when I take off my clothes and look in the mirror, I expect to see bruises everywhere because my body hurts a lot and it hurts so much. Then there are times when I would like to have bruises because then people could take my pain seriously. ”

10.  ”  Imagine wrapped in a burrito by a blanket made with those massage chairs with the balls in them. Except you never know how many will press you or where. Some days it is as if the deepest muscles of my body were hit repeatedly, while others feel that my skin is raw. All the time I can not think clearly, as if my oxygen was running low due to weight and pain. “

11.  “My body feels like it has been hit by a truck or other days someone has a voodoo doll sticking pins and twisting them.”

12.  “Extreme pain that makes you want to vomit.” It is difficult to think, eat, sleep or do ‘normal’ things. Your sensors are off. It seems that the noise sounds in a cave, everything repeats itself. Smell bothers you. The lights hurt your eyes and you get dizzy like a carnival ride. ”

13.  “It’s the syndrome of the princess and the pea … every possible sensation intensifies. Being on a bridge or near an escalator feels like an earthquake. You smell things that nobody else does. And you can not disconnect things like buzzing lights. ”

14.  ”  How to get Charlie’s horses in muscles that you did not even know existed. When you go out to eat, you constantly twist because the seat hurts your back. You’re always tired, and even a cup full of dark roasted coffee will not fix that. “.

15.  “It’s like the day after a strenuous workout, with stiff and sore muscles. Add a sunburn and a headache, then the flu in addition to that. Fatigue feels as if your blood has become cement in your veins. ”

16.  “Sometimes I have serious episodes that feel what it feels like when you play the drum with your tongue when someone challenged you when you were younger. You feel for a constant hour or so before the pain medications come in. ”

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